Carpegna and Montefeltro

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERASurroundings: Our territory is rich in hamlets,fortresses and castles to be discovered, Carpegna and Montefeltro is the commune that hosts the headquarters of Sasso Simone and Simoncello Natural Park. During the Middle Ages it was the feudal estate of the Counts of Carpegna that continued to exert their power until 1749.
In the center of town the imposing Palazzo dei Principe rises. It was designed by the architect Giovan Antonio de Rossi in 1675 for Cardinal Gaspare of Carpegna. From the environmental point of view Monte Carpegna (1415 meters) stands out with a limestone that emerges from a layer of clay. Today this locale is famous for its esteemed prosciutto which gives it the name “Prosciutti Carpegna”.


San Leo


This magnificent medieval city built on the top of a fantastic ridge of rock is 18 kilometers from Carpegna. The rock is a splendid example of military fortification which was the work of Francesco Giorgio Martino. Giuseppe Balsamo better known as Count of Cagliostra had been kept prisoner and had later died here. Besides this rock it is the whole town that impresses and surprises the visitor who can also admire the civic tower, romanesque parish and the splendid cathedral.





The ideal city and one of the most luminous centers of beauty and culture from the renaissance ,is where great geniuses such as Donato Bramante and Rafaello Sanzio blossomed. “You’ve never been to Urbino? If you continue to answer no you must feel guilty because you are missing out on a great part of Italian civilization. This is said not only because of its artistic heritage but for the actual features of the city, for its air of extraordinary beauty of the land. Urbino is an enchanted village.”




At 45 km from Carpegna, Gradara was the stage of the tragic love of Paolo and Francesca told by Dante, Petrarca, Boccaccio and D’Annunzio. The first edifices that arose in 1150 were through the years modified and enlarged with two high walls so that, under the Sforza family, it took on the typical Renaissance style and characteristics that are still visible today.



San Marino

35km from Carpegna lies San Marino. Here in the old land of liberty one can visit a city almost fairy-tale like with its town walls and towers. This Republic which is the smallest in the world, will also give you an infinite amount of possibilities for shopping.




The old Casteldurante later rebaptized Urbania, in honor of Pope Urbano VIII, is a lovely little village famous above all for the manufacturing of majolica. Under the Montefeltro and the Della Rovere families, artworks and architectural gems were enriched. Do not miss a visit to the Ducal Palace, a fascinating castle on the water, the Chiesa dei morti (Church of the dead) with the outstanding exposition of mummies, the Diocesan museum and the Bargo Ducale.



Pennabilli is a small village 10 km from Carpegna generally known for its antique fairs in July that attracts visitors from all over Italy.
It is also the adopted town of Tonino Guerra. Thanks to his help the “luoghi dell’anima” (places of the soul) , the enchanting corners on the street are the most picturesque of Pennabili. Here the visitor can satisfy his curiosity, fulfill his curiosity and elevate the spirit , thanks to thoughts and memories.Discover the curiosity of the “Garden of Forgotten Fruits”, of the afternoon streets, of the Sanctuary of thoughts, the stunning garden of the Angelo with moustache.

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