A camping for families with a big pool

Camping Paradiso and their staff welcome you to their ideal family getaway. We offer you a vacation immersed in nature surrounded by our beautiful mountains. Our priority is to give our guests relaxation and tranquility without giving up comfort and fun. Camping Paradiso is located in the town of Carpegna approximately 300 meters from the center of town. It is in a peaceful and sunny area in the heart of the natural park of Sasso Simone and Simoncello, far from heavy traffic and from large industrial centers. You will find this to be an ideal location for nature excursions and cultural field trips, since we are located in the center of Montefeltro. We are a short distance from a fishing lake, a horse ranch and a mountain bike camp. San Marino, Urbino, San Leo and Gradara are all within easy traveling distance. The campsite is located a few kilometers from the spa Pitinumthermae agreement with our struttura.

The main trails that leave from the camp are easily accessible on foot, on horseback and also on mountain bike.

  • Number 119 for Sasso Simone (meters 1.204). This massif is a regional boundary between the Marche and Toscana regions.
  • Number 101 leads to the peak of Mt. Carpegna (meter 1.415)


The history of our camping

This camp belongs to the Rosati family who has been managing it since 1973. It is completely surrounded by nature and terraced on the camp grounds.
Camp Management Office , pool for adults and children with Jacuzzi jets infirmary, camper service, game room, bar and shared freezer available, butane gas for sale, sporting grounds, laundry facilities ( washing machine, dryer and ironing) bocce, ping pong and playground.
Within walking distance one arrives at the center of Carpegna where tourists will find fine restaurants, pizzerias and various stores for all your needs.

This is an ideal spot to spend a relaxing vacation. Cordiality , cleanliness and organization are our main priorities.
Pets are accepted as long as they do not disturb other guests and abide by the rules and regulations.
Camping Paradiso awaits you at Sasso Simone e Simoncello Natural Park so that you may enjoy the beautiful sounds of nature. We are open year round.

Carpegna from 2011 is the first town in Italy to which was assigned the “Flag Transparent” in recognition of the protection, the purity and quality of ‘air. And ‘this is the ideal place to spend a vacation in full relax. Friendliness, cleanliness and order are our prerogative. Pets are accepted, provided they do not disturb and respect the rules. The Camping “paradise” awaits you in the Natural Park of Sasso Simone and Simoncello to listen to the voices of nature. We are open all year!



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