Trails , passable on foot, horseback or mountain bike

Number 119 for Sasso Simone (meters 1.204) has a stunning forest filled with turkey oak that rises in the heart of the regional park and the natural reserves which includes extended protected habitat of numerous vegetables and animal species. The entire area measures 4.847 hectares. This trail passes through open spaces

  • Has a distance of 5 km
  • Starting point at 781m
  • Arrival point 1204 m
  • Duration 3 hours and 30 minutes
  • Difficulty – E

During the spring and summer one finds along this path herds of horses and cows left free to pasture and raised in a semi wild state.
On the Sasso Simone site appears an antique abbey, Sant’Angelo al Sasso of the Benedictine monks , where in 1566 Cosimo de Medici founded the Simon Genga fortress. There still remains some parts of this fortified structure , also known as “Citta’ del Sole” (The City of the Sun) that till this day remains in the heart of the park.This site borders the Marche and Toscana regions where the natural reserve of Sasso Simone and Simoncello are located.

Number 101 goes to the peak of Mt. Carpegna (1.415 meters) covered by an extended pine grove on the southern side that extends from the town of Carpegna to the peak of the mountain.

The trail is almost always shaded;

  • Distance of about 5 km
  • Starting point 748
  • Arrival point 1300 m
  • Duration 3 hours
  • Difficulty E

Along this path you will pass by Cippo (m 1021) where one should rest and refill their water supply , and continue on a steep but short path which finally meets Monte Carpegna. The mountain top is one of the highest in Montefeltro. A small church juts out in this vast plain with an annexed monastery dedicated to the Madonna del Faggio dating back to 1205. In recent years the whole area has been developed especially by sheep farmers. It has become half a pilgrimage site and half for summer and winter tourism. This area offers two slope structures with artificial snow and illuminated trails. The view from the slope of the mountain is truly unique. San Leo, San Marino and the Romagnolo Riviera are now in sight.

Number 108 on the road to Pietrafagnana and Pietrarubbia continuing about 1. 5 kilometers in a lightly shaded and less traveled outlying road , joins with a small section of Carpegna called Paterno where the path begins towards Pietrarubbia.

This trail is partly shaded

  • Distance 4 km
  • Starting point 800 meters
  • Arrival point 690 meters
  • Duration 1 hour 45 minutes
  • Difficulty T

As you pass through Paterno you may wish to visit the Little Church of the Crucifix. You may then take a path along the slope of Monte Carpegna that reaches Montale -803 meters. Stopping for a moment and looking towards the southeast you will see a part of Montefeltro. In a short while you will reach Pietrafagnana. This is a rocky spur that at first glance may resemble a fortification made by man, but in reality, is a bizarre chisel work of nature.Continuing eastward you will reach the ancient village of Pietra Rubea now wonderfully restored and presently the headquarters of T.A.M (treatment of artistic metals) Looking around the single houses, it is possible to observe some castings and sculpture of Arnaldo Pomodoro.

The different trails in the area are all connected and intertwined. All depending on the will and ability of the hiker to take advantage of the various alternatives that are presented along the way. All the excursions can be facilitated with the help of skillful guides of the park.
The many choices of the trails suitable to every need and ability, allows for walking, biking and horse back riding – far from the smog , noise and danger – without causing harm to the environment, in absolute tranquility. You may also admire up close the innumerable species of fauna and flora herein present. Whoever does not like only walking could also enter our forest or roam freely on our meadows and gather mushrooms and other undergrowth products.

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“While you are walking remember to stop every now and then to learn and recognize the secrets of nature.”



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