Camping Grounds

The camp has an area of about 35,000 square meters. It is surrounded by nature facing terraces with asphalt streets that connect all of the grounds which are totally flat , numbered and lit lawns. Electrical outlets are provided and running water is supplied (for both shower and bathroom facilities). This allows our yearly clients to setup their own bathroom connections directly to the water and sewer supply. On site there are more then 50 fountains available for drinking water.

Approximately 2000 plants, which are placed in an organized and homogenous manner, provide shade. They guarantee just the right amount of sun and shade, whether it be during the summer or winter season. One may enjoy the colors as well as the aromas during different seasons of these forest surroundings. Ash trees, mountain maples, poplars, mountain ash trees, acacia, lime trees, weeping willows, hazelnut and nuts, mountain pine and ornamental bushes guarantee privacy around the camp site. Since the camp is situated within the Sasso Simone and Simoncello Nature Park and far from traffic, many small animals, if not disturbed, live peacefully among the tourists. It’s possible to live surrounded by blackbirds, hoopoe, jays, robins and some occasional squirrels.

The campsite is equipped with three types of pitches:

  • camping pitches for mobile homes
  • camping pitches for seasonal guests
  • camping pitches for occasional guests

Occasional clients with campers,caravans or tents can camp in the indicated pitches in diverse sections of the campsite, choosing the correct lay-by according to their needs. One of the most beautiful pitches is in the blue zone where one is able to enjoy a splendid panorama of Montefeltro. When our clients arrive they will use our electric golf car. They will be accompanied on a pleasant tour of the camp to then be able to choose their best accommodations.

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